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Triple Sheeting: the modern way to make a bed

Many of you may already be practising this method, particularly if you run a large hotel or resort, as it has simplified and streamlined the bed making process.

So what is triple sheeting? It’s an easy method of creating a welcoming and luxurious bed with three flat sheets and a doona, quilt or blanket.

But why do it? This method not only allows you to easily freshen up your guest rooms by simply replacing or switching out the top sheet but it will also save you time and money purchasing and laundering expensive bedspreads.

However the main draw card, particularly from a guests point of view, is that you are providing a welcoming and sanitary environment for your clients.

Instructions on how to create the look (extract from Innstyle – 18 January 2012):

Step 1: Building the foundation – The Bottom Sheet – Lay a flat sheet on the mattress and tuck all the way around the bed – or use a fitted sheet to cover the mattress.

Step2: The Next Layer – The Middle Sheet – Place the top hem of the flat sheet so it is even with the top of the mattress.

Step 3: Add Filling – Place a doona or blanket on top of the middle sheet – 15cm below the top of the mattress.

Step 4: Top Sheet – Place the last flat sheet, or you could use a decorative top sheet, on top of the blanket. The top hem should be even with the top of the mattress.

Step 5: Fold – Fold both flat sheets down together about 15cm – to the top of the blanket or doona. Then fold the flat sheets and the blanket down another 15cm.

Step 6: Finishing Touches – Tuck in both flat sheets with the blanket beneath the foot of the mattress. The hanging fabric at the sides of the foot will have made a U-Shape. Turn back the U-shape along the length of the bed and pull towards the headboard – parallel to the mattress. Tuck the hanging corners of the sheet and blanket together under the mattress.

OR watch this YouTube clip!

Your guests will appreciate the hygienic appearance of the bed and with a few simple accessories like bed runners and coordinating cushions; your rooms will have a fresh modern look.