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Caring for your winter bedding

The days are getting shorter and the mornings colder, and the chilly weather is definitely creeping in. As the season changes it’s time to dress your beds for the cooler nights, layering them with cosy blankets and fluffy doonas to keep your guests warm and toasty during their stay.

But how do you care for your winter bedding and ensure it’s hygienic and clean for every guest? How is it different caring for blankets than ordinary sheets?

We’ve done some research and talked to people in the know to give you some tips.

Blanket care

Whether you manage a hotel/motel, resort, Airbnb or private holiday rental, your guests will love the warmth that cosy blankets bring. To ensure your blankets last more than one season, it’s important to keep them clean and soft, and care for them appropriately.

Blankets should be cleaned as often as needed between guests, and simply smelling them should give you a good indication if the blanket needs to be laundered. It should smell fresh and clean, and have no marks. While all blankets are different, and most come with care instructions, here are a few extra tips for caring for fleece blankets.


Always treat the stains before washing. We don’t recommend using harsh chemicals on your blankets, especially fleece, as it will affect its longevity. A small amount of dishwashing liquid should do the trick, and be enough to take away any stains.

When washing:

  • Give the blanket a shake to remove any dust or loose dirt
  • Always wash similar colours together
  • Use a gentle cycle on a warm or cool wash
  • Never use bleach or fabric softener (this will damage the fleece)
  • Only use a small amount of washing powder/liquid, as using too much will stay in the fabric.


Never wring out your blankets, and never iron your blankets! Fleece blankets can be tumble-dried, but never on a high heat, this will damage the fabric.

Tip: fold straight after drying to keep the blankets soft and fluffy!


Once winter is over and your blankets are no longer needed, store them in a dry linen closet free from any smells. If you want them to smell extra nice next winter, pop a little dryer sheet inside the folds.

Doona/quilt care

If you’re taking the winter quilts and doonas out of storage then it’s important to be prepared and know exactly how to care for them over winter.

Quilts need to be washed approximately every 6 months or so. Most are machine washable, but depending on the size of your machine, you may have to get them professionally cleaned.

If you’re cleaning them yourself you need to remember that there are 3 main types of doonas/quilts. Wool, feather or down and microfibre/polyester, and each one requires different care when washing.

Here’s a breakdown:

These are probably the most popular type of quilts used, especially in the hotel industry. Follow the care instructions, but, in most cases, don’t be scared to put them through a warm cycle in your washing machine. Some polyester and microfibre quilts can even be dried in a clothes dryer on the cool setting, or dried in the sun, which makes them nice and fluffy!

Woollen quilts HATE hot temperatures and there’s a big chance they’ll shrink in water that is too hot, so keep the temperature below 30 degrees. Woollen quilts are best dried in the shade.

Feather and down quilts can be harder to look after, and the care instructions might instruct you to have them professionally cleaned.

If you do it yourself, only ever use a delicate cycle, or if you’re a small Airbnb, in a bathtub with soap flakes, then dry it in the sunshine.

No matter what, before washing always read the care instructions on the label of your blanket or quilt, this will ensure your winter bedding sees out more than one season.

If you’re due for some new winter bedding, take a look at our range of blankets, call us for a chat on 1300 557 415, or email