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How to survive Christmas – our hints and tips!

Get ready, the silly season is here!

There’s no denying it, this time of year can be so much fun, Christmas parties, presents, food, wine and catching up with family and friends, but it can also be super stressful when you manage your own business.

If you have a hotel/motel/resort or holiday home there’s a lot to think about, extra bookings, ensuring you have enough guest amenities and hotel supplies for the Christmas period, looking after your guests, not to mention looking after yourself and your own family! It’s all too easy to get swept up in the hoopla of Christmas, meeting everyone’s expectations and ticking everything off your (what seems endless) to-do-list.

This year we’ve decided to go stress-free and share our hints and tips on the best ways to look after yourself and your guests this Christmas.

Don’t be afraid to make shortcuts

We know that your homemade Christmas pudding tastes better, but unless you’re Martha Stewart there’s no shame in buying a ready-made pudding or pavlova! Let’s face it, by the time the pudding comes out everyone is so stuffed with food they probably won’t even notice that it’s store bought!

This year simplify your Christmas menu and opt for cold meats and salads, heck, if you’re really short of time pick up a ready-made salad from your local supermarket, they are just as good!

Buy as you go

Every time you visit the shopping centre pick up a present or some food. Avoid the stress of last minute shopping and chip a little off your Christmas to-do-list every week. When it comes to Christmas you’ll be all ready to go!

Wrap your presents as you buy them

Picture this. Kicking back with a beverage of your choice on Christmas Eve! Forget spending the night madly wrapping presents, wrap your presents as you buy them and enjoy some time to yourself on the night before Christmas. Eggnog anyone?

Keep a diary

Expecting a lot of visitors at your home these holidays? Lots of parties to attend? It can get so confusing if you have a lot of family and friends coming and going over the Christmas holidays, and very busy if your calendar is full of Christmas parties and functions. Get organised and pencil in the dates in your diary and you’ll never be double booked again!

Ask for help

One word. DELEGATE! Don’t feel like you have to do everything yourself, allocate jobs to your staff, family and friends and spread out the responsibilities so all the pressure isn’t on you!

Be prepared – put your orders in now

Don’t get caught out over the holidays and risk running out of guest amenities or hotel supplies. To ensure delivery before Christmas please place your orders BEFORE 14 December.

Look after yourself

The most important thing – look after yourself!

Look after yourself in the lead up to Christmas by ensuring you stay fit and get enough sleep. We know it’s sometimes easier said than done, but put aside some time for yourself each day to relax, unwind and calm your busy mind.

And just remember what the holidays are really about, spending time with your loved ones and enjoying the company of your family and friends.

Merry Christmas!


National Hotel Supplies will be closed on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Eve and New Years Day.

All other days between Wednesday 26 December and Friday 4 Janauary, National Hotel Supplies will be operating on skeleton staff, with orders being dispatched as normal, however the warehouse will be closed to the public.