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5 ways to increase direct bookings

We hear it all the time. Bookings are flowing through from all the online travel agencies (OTAs), but smaller hotels, motels, resorts and holiday houses are struggling to increase their direct bookings. With OTAs expecting a commission from every booking, it’s no surprise you want to get people clicking on your website and booking directly instead!

If you’ve been finding it difficult to increase your direct bookings here are our tips:

Offer incentives to book direct

There’s no doubt about it, OTAs offer great deals. So how do you compete with this? Incentives. Offer your guests incentives to book direct, things like upgrades, room service, late checkouts, vouchers or extra in-house guest amenities or gifts. These add-ons will give your guests the incentive to book direct, while not taking too much profit from your pocket.

Always advertise the best rate

It makes sense. If the prices on your website are much higher than all the OTAs it’s inevitable that guests will book elsewhere. The rate on your website should always be the best rate available. Give your guests the confidence that they are getting the best deal so they don’t have to go searching elsewhere.

Check that your pricing is realistic for what you offer, and is in line with other accommodation services in the area. Even if you don’t have direct competition, it’s good to ensure your pricing is competitive in the market.

Use website pop-ups

Yes we know they can be annoying, but a pop-up could be just the thing to secure that direct booking. Pop-ups reminding your customers that your website offers the best rates guaranteed, or something alike, just might get their attention.

Update your website

It’s super important to keep your website constantly updated, not only the rates and room information, but with new content that will help your SEO ranking and get your listing closer to the top on the Google search. Things like blogs, or news pages can help with this, or go one step further and hire a marketing company that specialises in SEO rankings to help!

Be social media savvy

Facebook, Tripadvisor and Instagram are all valuable social media platforms you can leverage to drive traffic to your website. Why not try a paid advertisement on Instagram or Facebook with an incentive to book direct!