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Why an online presence is critical to your business!

You have just made the decision that you are going on a holiday. Lucky you!

What’s the first thing that you do?

Like the majority of travellers these days, the first thing you will most likely do is….research.

Which properties are recommended by other travellers? What sort of facilities does the property have? What star rating has it been given?

Research indicates that travellers find both official star ratings and past guest reviews helpful when selecting a holiday destination and property.

While star ratings provide an official trusted rating that makes the travellers decision easier, guest reviews on platforms, such as Trip Advisor, “fill in the gaps” with information relating to customer service and overall guest experience.

So what does this mean for you and your business? Do you want to increase your bookings?

Some simple steps to help you get there….

Have you got a listing on a travel review platform like Trip Advisor?

Apart from having a great website this is the next step. Make the most of the various review platforms that are available and create a listing.

Keep your listing fresh with current photos and up to date information. Travellers want to know the key features of your establishment and what it looks like now.

What sets your establishment apart from the rest? Why not change the photos with the seasons?

Encourage reviews and feedback and engage with your customers

Customer reviews and feedback are often more valuable than a blurb or product description. A recent survey revealed that more than half of respondents stated that they will not book a hotel that does not have any reviews. Reviews show that real people have stayed in your establishment and enjoyed the experience enough to review it.

Hopefully your guests will all have pleasant feedback but in the event they don’t make sure you respond positively – it shows you care and are paying attention.

Boost direct bookings and enquiries

Consider enhancing your listing to a paid listing that allows you to prominently display your web address and contact details.

Paid listings often have additional benefits such as allowing you to have special offers and listing minute booking specials.