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Get your bed linen peak season ready!

Spring is almost here and the Christmas holidays are fast approaching, which only means one thing for everyone in the accommodation industry; it’s time to freshen up your beds and get them looking spic ‘n’ span for peak season.

In the lead up to Christmas commercial linen and towelling is in especially high demand, it’s even common for Australia to run out of some lines of high quality hotel bed linen and towelling! So to avoid the stress of last minute ordering, and the risk of running out of hotel supplies when you really need it, you can start preparing your property for the holiday season right now.

Ask yourself this. When was the last time you refreshed your bedding? Will your guests be treated to a luxury sleep experience or does your bedding need a makeover? Will your guests rave about your bed, or will they complain it wasn’t up to scratch? One of the best ways to check your bedding is to test it out yourself and experience it from a guest’s perspective. Get in, snuggle up and see how it feels. Inspect every element of your bedding, from the sheets, to the mattress protector.


How comfortable are your hotel sheets? Do they feel soft and crisp, or are they in need of replacement? While quality commercial bed linen has amazing longevity and durability, it doesn’t last forever. National Hotel Supplies can help you select the best bed linen for your property, so you’ll be prepared for the influx of guests during the Christmas break and won’t be caught short.

It’s also important to give your hotel linen the right love and care. The way you wash, dry and make your beds can impact its longevity and durability.


Are your pillows still fluffy and luxurious, or do they feel a little drab and lifeless? Ensure you impress your guests with a plush sleeping experience with pillows that are comfortable, plentiful and indulgent. Pillow protectors are also a great way to increase the longevity of your pillows and protect them against marks and stains.

Mattress protectors

When was the last time your mattress protectors were replaced? Mattress protectors are great for maintaining the quality and cleanliness of the mattress, but they’re often overlooked because they have such a long life. Remember, old mattress protectors can impact the quality of your guests’ sleep, so it’s important to replace them as soon as they start showing signs of age.


We may be approaching the warmer summer months, but light cotton blankets still come in handy when the temperatures rise. When they’re not being used they can be folded and packed away easily in a cupboard or drawer. They can also be used as a stylish bed runner or throw, making them dual-purpose.


Hotel towels need to be soft and lush, after all, there’s nothing better than stepping out of a hot shower into a luxurious bath towel or bath sheet. Towels need to be absorbent and fast to dry. We don’t recommend using fabric softener, regularly, as it can affect a towels’ absorbency. Towels should be washed in hot water with a good quality commercial detergent, and then tumble-dried on high to maintain that soft, fluffy texture we all adore.

The bed is the most important element in the room and if you give it the love and attention it deserves you can be sure your guests will appreciate it.

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