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A point of difference - environmentally friendly guest amenities

As an accommodation provider you have an incredible opportunity to help the planet. By purchasing products that are sustainable and environmentally friendly, you’re helping to reduce the environmental impact your property has on the planet.

Environmentally friendly: Not harmful to the environment. (Cambridge dictionary)

At National Hotel Supplies we’re passionate about helping you, help the environment, that’s why we offer an extensive range of environmentally friendly guest amenities. Over the years we have built strong relationships with some amazing suppliers, who are equally devoted to paving the way to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future, while minimising the impact we have on this beautiful planet of ours.

Each product range we stock has been hand-selected, and chosen for their commitment to the environment, environmentally friendly ingredients, their sustainable practices, and of course, their quality.

When selecting a range of guest amenities for your property it’s important to consider the footprint you are leaving behind on the planet, as well as the price, your demographic and the type of service you provide. In the competitive holiday accommodation industry guest amenities provide a great point of difference, with guests often taking the products home as a small token and memory of their stay. By choosing an environmentally friendly range of guest amenities you’re showing that you have a strong environmental conscience and your business cares about the planet.

We think the eco.logic* range is pretty special, not only is it the first guest hair and body care range to be certified Fairtrade, it’s also packaged in a bottle made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic. They are made from 100% recycled Anchor Light Proof™ milk bottles. Awesome!

When it comes to environmentally friendly guest amenities, the name Natural Earth says it all. This hair and body care range has recyclable packaging, and contains active Manuka Honey, a beautiful indulgent addition.

The stunning Wallawa range of botanical skin and body care products are made with Indigenous Australian cosmetic flora extracts. The range is packaged in 100% recyclable plastic, and the ingredients are biodegradable, which means they will naturally breakdown when exposed to the elements. Also, a portion of all profits goes to Corporate Connect AB to assist Indigenous communities in Australia. So everyone wins, your guests, local Indigenous communities and the planet!

The Bathe Marine Skincare range of guest amenities is just divine, but also environmentally friendly. The products are made with biodegradable ingredients and have 100% recyclable packaging, so it’s not only fantastic for your guests’ skin, but for the planet too.

It’s also great to know that all these guest amenities use sustainable palm oil, are paraben free and are not tested on animals. We love it!

If you’d like to know more about our range of environmentally friendly guest amenities, give us a call on 1300 557 415 or email your question to info@nationalhotelsupplies.com.au