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Winter indulgence – getting your property winter ready

Winter is just around the corner, so it’s the perfect time to prepare your holiday house, hotel, motel room or Airbnb property for the cooler months.

Getting your property winter ready is a great way to go that extra mile to impress your guests. But how do you create the ultimate winter escape? With just a few extra hotel supplies it’s easier than you think!

Winter treats

Everyone loves to indulge when the temperature drops, so why not let your guests enjoy a few treats while they keep warm at your property.

Spoil them with wintery treats like our One Fairtrade Drinking Chocolate or Cocoa Naturally Drinking Chocolate. But why stop there, stock your holiday rental or Airbnb property with marshmallows, Tim Tams or our Aussie Biscuits, the perfect treat on a cold, wintery night.

Extra blankets and throws

Get your bedrooms ready for the cooler months with extra blankets, they don’t have to be on the bed, but have them ready so your guests know where they are if they need them.

It’s also nice to leave a couple of blankets or throws in the lounge room for those fresher nights when your guests want to curl up in front of the TV. Try our new 100% cotton blankets, perfect for a relaxing afternoon on the couch.

Robes and slippers

Keeping a supply of luxurious bathrobes and slippers at your property is a lovely way to show your guests you care. After all, is there anything better than stepping out of a steaming hot shower into a pair of slippers and fluffy bathrobe in the wintertime?

Brighten up your gardens

Just because the weather is cooler, doesn’t mean your garden has to look cold and drab! Make it look like it’s the middle of spring by freshening up your garden with bright colourful flowers, but remember to choose plants that thrive in lower temperatures.

Family fun

It’s nice to have a collection of fun board games on hand for those cooler days or nights when your guests would rather stay in. Keeping a few popular board games in the cupboard can turn a quiet night in, into a fun family get together!

Takeaway menus

On colder nights your guests might not feel like venturing out for dinner, so offering them a collection of menus from the most popular restaurants in the area can be super helpful.


If you know your property gets a little chilly in the winter, ensure you have adequate heating and that it has been cleaned and serviced before the weather cools down. If your property has a fireplace, remember to stockpile plenty of wood and have a sharp axe available in case your guests need to chop extra.