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Treat your guests to the perfect summer getaway

Want to transform your motel, bed and breakfast, boutique hotel or Airbnb rental into the perfect summer getaway? Would you like to create a summer escape where your guests can kick up their heels and take full advantage of the season’s amazing weather?

Summer in Australia is all about days at the beach, swimming in pools and spending time outdoors. So why not offer your guests a range of amenities that make this kind of living easy? All you have to do is add a few products in and around your property to turn your holiday rental into a summer sanctuary your guests will absolutely love.
Here’s what we recommend.

Complimentary water bottles

Having complimentary icy cold water available for your guests on arrival is such a small gesture, but one that will be appreciated, especially by guests who have travelled far to get to your property.

Pool towels

Let’s be honest, towels take up a huge amount of luggage space, so having a luxurious collection of pool towels on hand at your property will make life easier for your guests. Our hotel quality pool towels come in royal blue and white, linen and white and charcoal and white, and are 100% cotton, colourfast and highly absorbent.

Body lotions

Summer holidays are all about swimming and spending time outdoors. Treat your guests to a beautiful range of body products to moisturise their skin after a long day in the sun. The eco.logic* range includes a luxurious body balm, enriched with Fairtrade certified Grapeseed and Green Tea. Alternatively, the Therapy Range body lotion is great for replenishing skin’s moisture, with 100% pure and natural essential oils of Juniper Berry and White Thyme. Or you could go the extra mile and pamper your guests with the whole range and indulge them with a mini pack!

Insect repellent

Help your guests enjoy their time outdoors, despite any mosquitoes or sandflies that might be hanging around. Leave them a stash of insect repellent for when the sun goes down.

Vamoose insect repellent towelettes are great and are very effective at keeping those little bloodsuckers at bay.

Complimentary sunscreen

While it might not be feasible to stock sunscreen in every room, why not keep a bottle at your reception desk and hand it out to guests as they need it.


Spoil your guests and give your holiday rental that extra touch of luxury by supplying slippers. Soft terry open toe slippers are super comfortable, and great if your guests want to lounge around the pool or relax inside to escape the summer heat.

Clear amenities bags

Sometimes it’s the simple things that make the biggest difference. “Zip lock bags” are very handy, and can be used by guests to keep their room keys, phones or sunscreen safe and dry when they visit the pool or beach.

So you see, it’s easy to transform your property into a summer getaway with the addition of a few simple amenities. If you’d like to know more about any of the National Hotel Supplies range of guest amenities or products, please call 1300 557 415 or email us on