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Choosing Fairtrade – How a simple choice can make a big difference

Did you know that your choice of hotel amenities could impact the lives of some of the poorest people in the world? As we learn more and more about the manufacturing processes of the products we use, we also discover the importance of supporting Fairtrade certified organisations.

A product must meet international standards to be certified ‘Fairtrade’. These standards ensure the farmers and workers get a fair price for their products and services, invest in their community and have sustainable practices.

For you, supporting fair trade certified products could be as simple as buying a certain brand of tea, but for families living in developing countries, it’s a decision that could have a big impact on their lives. Oxfam spokeswoman, Amy Barry, says, “Buying Fairtrade products is one of the easiest ways we can show compassion and solidarity towards third world farmers”.

If you buy only one Fairtrade certified guest amenity, you’re supporting fair prices, encouraging safe working conditions and environmentally friendly manufacturing. It’s a small gesture that makes a big difference.

In Australia there are only 203 licensees and traders that are Fairtrade certified (Fairtrade Australia and NZ, 2016), and National Hotel Supplies offers two ranges of Fairtrade products, eco.logic* and One Fairtrade.

The One Fairtrade coffee, tea, hot chocolate and sugar was the first range of PCU Fairtrade hot beverage sachets designed specifically for the hospitality industry. Property owners supplying One Fairtrade coffee and tea are making an ethical choice, and their customers will enjoy a great cuppa while knowing the bloke that grew it gets paid a fair price for his hard work.

If you’re seeking a Fairtrade soap, or shampoo, the eco.logic* hair and body range is not only Fairtrade certified, but also environmentally friendly. The bottles are made from 100% recycled milk bottles, making them the perfect choice if you are looking for environmentally friendly hotel amenities.

Why not make a statement, show your guests that you care, not only about where your products come from, but also about the people who make them.