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One Fairtrade Organic Green Tea One Fairtrade Organic Green Tea One Fairtrade Organic Green Tea

One Fairtrade Organic Green Tea


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One Fairtrade Organic Green Tea -200 individually wrapped units per carton

It’s certified Fairtrade, it’s organic, it’s packaging is degradable and it’s flamin delicious. One Fairtrade is a seriously great way to make the world a better place.

Stephen Knapp, CEO Fairtrade Australia & New Zealand says ‘We hope that more and more accommodation providers throughout the country will begin to offer the ultimate ethical choice for their guests through Fairtrade beverages and sugar in room with the ONE range.’

One Fairtrade is so hip that in just 4 short years we’ve brought the Fairtrade message directly to over 2.7 million hotel guests. That’s 2.7 million beverages for which the farmer got paid a fair price, and the same 2.7 million beverages that left guests with a smile on their face, from these great tasting drinks.

One Fairtrade was the first full range of PCU Fairtrade beverage sachets specifically designed for the hospitality market. Not only are the contents all Fairtrade certified, they are packaged locally and come with a stunning display tray that you can get free on loan.

This makes One Fairtrade the best looking socially responsible range of beverages out there.

In fact, if a beverage range could change the world, this would be the ONE.

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