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It is no wonder that you’re looking for a credible place from where you can buy your Airbnb supplies. After all, you are one of the many hosts adding up to the 31 billion dollars business of Airbnb (2017 report)

Let’s just say that we’ve been there and done that in almost every facet of our industry. Running successful Airbnb supplies business and that, too, in a heavily saturated competitive market is not a walk in the park. We understand you must cater to the needs of your guests all the while trying every bit in making your accommodation services stand out.

That inevitably includes keeping supplies in check and making things perfect.

Here’s what we at National Hotel Supplies have to offer you.

We are a family run Airbnb supplies business

Business schools dictate one rule to their students and that is to look for their own interest in every business they do. We see the application of this in most corporations, but not in family-run businesses.

When a family comes together to run a business, we do it with all our heart. We take steps that include humane responses, have a greater interest in our clients, and are include qualities like care, love, and respect.

National Hotel Supplies is this to a tee. We are running it to keep you—our client—in charge of what you want. Once we know that, we let you have nothing less than the best. This is because your guests’ experience is important to us more than anything.

Airbnb supplies that suffice your small accommodation services

For small needs, there should be small supplies. You would agree to this because running a business for a positive cash flow is no joke. Expenses have to be kept in check and that includes ordering supplies in quantities that are needed.

We understand this situation and therefore, have come up with small packs for your small B&B or Airbnb apartment. You can check them out here. The list includes premium environmentally friendly mini packs that will help you establish a luxurious statement, cater to the needs of your guests, and while still saving big.

We also offer other commercial quality proven products

Mini packs aside, we also offer plenty of other products for small Airbnb accommodations. These products are known in our industry circle here as the most efficient, cost-effective, long-lasting and sufficient supplies. So, whether you need pool towels, accessories of all kinds, bedding and towelling, perishables, or any luxury out-of-the-line product, now you know where to get them from.
You can trust the products

We’ve learned over the years that to stay in the online business regime, you’d have to offer an impeccable online shopping experience to your shoppers. That’s where the quality of our products come in. We never compromise on that and possibly, this is the reason why our sales have skyrocketed and are still climbing year after year.

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